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The Chartreuse Caboose

The wheels are almost in motion

Almost a decade ago someone sent me a photo of a tiny house on wheels, and said "I can totally see you living in one of these one day"

And I looked around my 3000 square foot store and warehouse and thought

"where would I put all this stuff?"


The next step. 

The next couple of years started me on a journey of downsizing and purging. I also dove headfirst into the tiny house community.  Attending and performing at a few every year. It became apparent early on, one of the best parts of each home was that they were incredibly personal to each owner.  All the details were intentional.  I had always moved into a home and had to make it feel like it was mine. this was going to be very different.

I went home and started doodling and sketching and when I looked up on a shelf in my office, I was staring at a caboose from a model train I had when I was a kid. I looked over to the bulletin board and saw a postcard from a train ride I went on in New Hampshire when I was 8. I looked around my house and there were little train and caboose things all over my house and I had never even realized it. I started to think how trains were such a big part of my life I wanted them to be a part of this home

So now what?

For years I was the mustache on the move and when the Pandemic hit that stopped suddenly and I suddenly started to realize that the home I was living in was still filled with stuff. More downsizing, More intentional living practices, and lots of research and list-making began to happen.

The inspiration

Special thanks

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