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"When Carisa teaches, you get practical and even thought-provoking ideas that help you grow as a performer.  Articulate, well researched, and funny, she is the real deal. Imagine for instance taking her Bubble Workshop and immediately having a new show and/or maybe even a new business from it!
 Carisa's Lectures = Time Very Well Spent!


Mark Daniel

KIDabra International

A Lecture on the Benefits of Bubble Shows and How You Can Incorporate Them into your current routine!

Bubble Tech 2.0 Features :

Bubble Science: A full explanation of the surprising science behind how bubbles work and ways to use that information to your advantage.


Tricks: An almost insane amount of cool bubble tricks and effects that you will have the chance to try out yourself.


An Expploration of Bubble Solutions: Try out a number of different solution mixes and see for which you prefer for each type of effect.

Thinking Outside the Bubble: How to create a bubble routine that will fit with your character and your show.

Don't Miss this One Night Only, Opportunity to Experience

 "Bubble Tech 2.0" Carisa's Acclaimed Lecture!

Learn how to incorporate bubbles into your magic show with  Bubble Tech 2.0

Discover how you can add Something Bubbly to your show almost instantly!

Why Include Bubbles in your Show? 


Universal appeal: Equally impressive and enjoyable for a wide rage of ages, cultures and genders. 


Can be done silently: I have a bubble show in English and French and could easily put together one in Spanish with minimal effort because so much of it can be done to music or silently. 


Cost Effective: Bubble shows are inexpensive to create, highly portable, and play big. 

Fluid Integration: Bubble Tricks can be added to an existing clown, circus or magic show or be a show all on their own. 

Bubble Videos

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