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Abbott's Magic Get Together!

Hello friends, family, and fellow funny folk!

I spent last weekend in Colon, Michigan at the 85th Abbott's Magic Get Together. This year it was extra special because I got to spend time with my long-time friend, mentor, and magic icon, Dave Cresey, who manned the Cresey booth in the dealer's room for the first time in over a decade! We had a blast, and I'm so thankful for my time with him! To learn more about how Dave and I came to be working together, check out!

In addition to jamming with Dave, I got to spend time with other old friends and make new ones, too (including John Sturk, the current president of the Society of American Magicians)! It was great hanging out at the American Legion, where I met up with my friend Meadow Perry! Meadow is an amazing bubble magician- she's taking the magic business by storm! Click here to learn more about her.

Watching amazing magic, spending time with my friends and mentors, and being able to showcase Cresey products made this an unforgettable trip. I can't wait for next year!

Psst... I'm making a TikTok showcasing my road trip from NY to MI and it'll be out soon! Follow me on TikTok at @mustacheonthemove to be the first to know when it posts!

Happy August! Enjoy the end of your summer!

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