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Dude!! where did I go?

Funny story... I haven't gone anywhere... It's hard to be the mustache on the move if you aren't moving. So what exactly have I been doing? Well I have redesigned my home studio, spent a month going through old photos and building a good library of images for my instagram and facebook pages. If you aren't already following me over there, please go check me out trickybizny. I have also been working on new programs for my magic school and the results have been phenomenal. It has definitely been a challenge and I am doing my best, to get used to the "new normal" which I could never have done without the unbelievable support from my friends and family. I still have room in the classes that are starting next week, Green wand on Tuesdays at 3 PM EST and Purple wand on Saturdays at 3 PM EST. If you are interested in either of these message me so I can squeeze you in!!

Hope you are staying h

ealthy and safe and remember

Spread magic...

Not Germs!!!

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