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Finding Paradise Everywhere I Go!

Hey there! You'd never have guessed this... but I've been on the move!

If you follow me on socials, you may already know this, but I went on a much-needed vacation a few weeks ago! (on that note, if you DON'T follow me on socials, what are you doing?? @epicballoons on Instagram and @mustacheonthemove on TikTok, to name a few!)

I started by heading through Colorado Springs, where I spent a few hours with some of my favorite people- my goddaughter, Abi, and her little brother! We got to visit the Garden of the Gods (IYKYK), which has always been a really healing place for me. It was so surreal being there after so many years (especially with Abi driving us around... gulp!).

Sadly, the trip through the Rocky Mountains was just a layover, and I was almost immediately back at the airport on my way even further west... next stop was Seattle! I was on my first actual vacation in a really long time, so naturally, I was taking an Alaskan cruise!

The views in Alaska were absolutely mind-boggling. Getting away to a place as gorgeous as this was exactly what my soul needed!

I hung out with some great friends on the cruise, and I even got to make some new buddies along the way.

No trip to the Pacific Northwest would be complete without some good food, and in this case, good crab! I love eating food the size of my face! :D

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of NYC was just what I needed, but a part of me couldn't wait to get back to work! That just comes with the territory of being able to do what you love for a living... and as many of you have often heard me say, I lead a very charmed life!

My team and I are back to work, and we've got some great new things coming your way soon! Stay tuned. :)

Expect to hear from me again soon! The best week of the year is coming up in just 11 days (again... if you know, you know)!!

Enjoy the last full week of spring! Happy Goofing!

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