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I am so excited to be launching my NEW Magic Adventure Camp!!

I have three sessions coming up, but this first official Launch (after the pilot program)has been my main focus for the past four months. We will meet M-F for five days straight!!! It would mean so much to me to have my friends and family be a part of it!! I am choosing quality over quantity with this event and seating is very limited. Magic Adventure Camp is a virtual camp Experience that combines Magic, Games, Crafting and creativity! I have been working with librarians, teachers and camp counselors to make it the best online experience I can, but also to make sure I create enough off screen activity to keep the kids motivated and excited while on their own. If you or someone you know has a child ages 6-12 please send them my way I would love to be their adventure guide and help them start on their magic journey! The price for the entire week and the kit shipped right to your door is $175 including shipping. But for a limited time while spots are available you can type in the discount code TRICKY and save $75

Over the course of the week students will learn how to make money appear from thin air, Make objects levitate and even read people's minds!! Please make sure you register sooner than later to guarantee your kit can be shipped in time! And remember Let's

Spread magic ... Not germs!!

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