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Magic Camp! Again!

Hey there friends, family and fellow funny folk!

It was that time of year again! My favorite week of the year: Tannen's Magic Camp! This year was one of my top 3 years of magic camp ever. It was OVERWHELMINGLY epic!

For those of you who don't know about camp, you should check out their website: click here. I've been coming to camp for years, and every year I'm reminded of just how amazing it is. The role it plays in fostering a strong future of magic CANNOT be overstated. This experience is such a life-changing event for the young magicians who get to attend. I can't recommend it enough.

Between teaching a class with one of my besties, Carisa Hendrix, and watching amazing magicians perform for the campers, it was definitely a year to remember. But it was INSANELY hot and humid... Magic camp was worth it!

I hope you enjoy these photos I got from the week! The goddaughter even dressed up like me for "Dress Like Your Favorite Magician Day" and I cried like a baby. Happy July!

photos courtesy of Abi and Skippy Seidenberg

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