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No... YOU'RE Neat!!!

So I got this crazy idea to add a few more silly t-shirt ideas to my shop here. Some are for my cocktail and spirit enthusiast friends, some are for my gaming friends, and some are just me being silly. But all of them were brought to life by none other than my favorite artist, Jake over at If you're looking for illustration work, he is TOP NOTCH!

I think my favorite shirt from this batch, is the "No, YOU'RE Neat!" shirt.

Picture it...

This started in Dublin a few years back when I ordered a glass of whiskey and the bartender asked "neat?" to which I responded... well, I think you can paint the picture well enough of a wise-cracking American in a beautiful bar attempting to make friends.

I can happily say that the bartender and I are still friends... well, on Facebook at least. LOL

As spring is just around the corner, I am looking forward to some light travel and grateful that my work and career are starting to bounce back closer to what they were before the pandemic.

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe, and perhaps I will see you soon!


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