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Sneaking Around Washington D.C.- Kickz for Kids!

So what have I been up to lately? Oh, wouldn't "shoe" like to know...

Ok, the sock's off the foot.... Er... I mean, the cat's out of the bag... I MADE A GIANT SNEAKER FOR THE KICKZ FOR KIDS CHARITY EVENT IN WASHINGTON D.C!!! This thing puts a whole new meaning to balloon sculpting- I had to measure by the "foot"! Get it...? Because it's a shoe...? feet? No? Just me? I'll see myself out...

My work and travel schedule have been off-the-wall busy, and I haven't been able to even catch up and rest! I've been "tied-up" for weeks! Despite having to "sneak" in and out of the venues, I definitely haven't been "loafing" around. Check out this video on their Instagram that features this amazing "feet"! Who built that giant balloon shoe, you might be asking yourself... Well, I wasn't the "sole" perpetrator. I had help from Lisa McIntyre from Rochester, NY, who was the real brains behind this operation!

If you've made it this far, you're obviously my kind of crazy. Reach out to me here if I can make you something EPIC!

Disclaimer: no sneakers were harmed in this blog post... just my dignity with those terrible puns

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