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Visit with World Renowned Performer, World Record Holder, Lecturer and Manufacturer of Quality Magic, the One and Only John Reid!

Bits and Pieces Features:

How to make magic moments, not just tricks, but moments with and for your audience.


How to build a connection with your audience.


What magic is. Why you do magic.


How to make your magic last well beyond the time with your audience.


The secret to making a real Cresey mouth coil and ways to use them!

Don't Miss this One Night Only Opportunity to Experience
 "Bits and Pieces" John's Acclaimed Magic Workshop!

John takes you on a step by step journey, holding nothing back, showing you how to include everyday items into your show to create a connection with your audience you've always dreamed of, but were never able to achieve.

Discover how you can add Something Wonderful 

to your show almost instantly!

Discover how you can add Something Wonderful to your show almost instantly!

Everything John teaches is something you can learn quickly and will be able to add to your show in no time! A great magic show isn't just about the magic tricks, but rather the “Bit and Pieces” in your routines that take your magic from just another show, to one filled with real, memorable, magic moments for everyone in your audience!


John saves you hours or even weeks from learning just another magic trick, to helping you add new idea's and improvements to your show all by the time you leave his lecture! He does it by showing you how to build a real, heart felt connection with your audience, sharing what he believes magic really is, why you even do magic, and gives you the secrets that will make your magic last well beyond the short time you spend with your audience.

John even shares his long-held secrets for;

  • How to make a real Cresey mouth coil

  • How to turn any paper napkin into a rose

  • How to fold an everyday bath towel into something your audience will think is more magical than any trick you've ever performed

  • How to use a mouth coil in ways you've never dreamed of, and it doesn't involve putting the coils in your mouth!

  • You'll also discover the best handling for Throw Streamers, Snowstorms, balloons and more from the guy that has done it all!

If you want the insider tips that other magicians have kept secret forever, or they just didn't know, then this is the workshop for you! If you really want your show to stand out from the crowd and be better than any magic show you've ever seen before, then do yourself a favor and invest in an evening with John Reid!

​Just a Little of What You Will Experience in John Reid's 

"Bits and Pieces" Magic Workshop...

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