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Visit with World Renowned Performer, World Record Holder, Lecturer and Manufacturer of Quality Magic, the One and Only John Reid!

Commercial Cartoon Features:

Building blocks that are utilized in over 50 different sculptures


Recognizable character designs to children and adults alike


Designs are both impressive and quick, saving you time!


Designs that can be completed within 2-3 minutes


Take your craft to the next level and be able to charge higher fees!

Don't Miss this One Night Only Opportunity to Experience
 "Commercial Cartoons" John's Acclaimed Balloon Workshop!

John teaches you some crucial twists and techniques to create some of television's most iconic characters! Take your balloon twisting to the next level with balloon sculptures that'll impress all your clients!

Learn how to twist balloons like the masters with John Reid's Commercial Cartoon Series!

Discover how you can add Something Wonderful to your show almost instantly!

Everything John teaches is something you can learn quickly with practice and will be able to add to your routine in no time! 


Over 25 years of experience in the restaurant business has provided John with the building blocks to create quick and impressive designs that are recognizable to children, parents, and even their grandparents too! John will lecture on his commercial cartoon series, which is a set of building blocks to make character parodies! Ideas for over 30 different creations will be shared including: Space Ranger, Cartoon Rabbit, Cartoon Duck, Roadrunner, Starfish, Ninja Turtle, and a One-Eyed Monster to name a few.


John even shares his long held secrets for;

  • Work with 646's to create a ride inside design that has become John's most instagrammed pieces.

  • How to mix and match core techniques and base designs that can be flushed out.

  • How to create over 30 character sculptures John has dubberd "The Dirty 30." 

  • How to break balloons for more intricate details in your sculptures.

  • Simplified artwork to add to your sculptures to get the little details just right. 

  • Twisting 15 base designs that serve as the foundation for a plethora of sculptures!

If you want the insider tips that other balloon  artists have kept secret forever, or they just didn't know, then this is the workshop for you! If you really want your work to stand out from the crowd and be better than any balloon twister you've ever seen before, then do yourself a favor and invest in an evening with John Reid!

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