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Winter Tour Lectures

I started doing lectures because I truly love to teach. After Performing magic and twisting balloons for years I decided to start teaching different classes for kids that combined magic with learning to make it more fun! Teaching to kids wasn't enough though, I then went on to start crafting lectures for fellow and aspiring magicians so I could share my knowledge and help others learn from my successes..and failures. As human beings we're always learning and growing and to help facilitate that growth in both kids and adults is a special thing.


Bits & Pieces

Everything John teaches is something you can learn quickly and will be able to add to your show in no time! A great magic show isn't just about the magic tricks, but rather the “Bit and Pieces” in your routines that take your magic from just another show, to one filled with real, memorable, magic moments for everyone in your audience!


John saves you hours or even weeks from learning just another magic trick, to helping you add new idea's and improvements to your show all by the time you leave his lecture! He does it by showing you how to build a real, heart felt connection with your audience, sharing what he believes magic really is, why you even do magic, and gives you the secrets that will make your magic last well beyond the short time you spend with your audience.

Commercial Cartoon Series

Almost 20 years in the restaurant business have provided John Reid with the building blocks to create quick and impressive designs that are recognizable for children, parents, and even grandparents! John will lecture on his commercial cartoon series, which is a set of building blocks to make character parodies! Ideas for over 30 different creations from these building blocks will be shared, including: Space Ranger, cartoon duck, cartoon rabbit, roadrunner, starfish, ninja turtle, and a one-eyed monster, just to name a few. Utilizing these building blocks will allow you to make truly memorable sculptures, which is the key to leaving a memorable impression upon your customers and audience!

Lecture Schedule

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