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No time like the present!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

 I keep putting off making my first blog post because I am nervous that it won't be what I wanted to be. But I suppose that's the whole point of this blog and website is to document my journey. And sometimes portions of that journey are going to be less than what I would like them to be. So here's the first post and a note to wish you a happy new year!  

For anyone who doesn't follow me already. I spent New Year's in what I consider to be the greatest city in the world. None other than New York! And I spent it at what I considered to be one of the best cocktail bars around. Pouring ribbons. I was joined by my friend Katie from Dublin Ireland and Scott from Brooklyn New York. Along with the staff at the bar we rang in the new year with style and some amazing bourbon :-)i've been plotting and planning my upcoming lecture tour with Carisa Hendrix for about four months and things are all starting to fall into place very quickly. I'm hoping to have the updated schedule ready to go before the end of the week so you can see if We are going to be in your town :-) keep your eyes peeled and as always I hope you were all leading a very charmed life as well

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