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Chicago!!! Here we are!!!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Holy buckets. What a trip!! We have 5 lectures down and at least 15 to go!! Denny and Lees was awesome and we had an amazing Time. Then a quick stop at one of my favorite conventions “Magifest”. Carisa did an impromptu lecture for the magic youth and I got caught up with my good friend Gene Anderson as well as Steve Chezaday, Carol Hendrix and Jess Peterson. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay too long we had to be at Magic Inc the very next evening for the lecture that started this whole tour to begin with. Big thanks to Sandy Marshal for inviting Carisa to share and Pedro Nieves Bosque for getting the word out. We had a blast teaching as well as learning and the after party group was fantastic. 

Saturday was the tour of Chicago with Tomas Medina and John Sturk. We also popped into Midwest Magic for a bit to see Uncle Tim Felix. So Much fun and learning so far AAAANNNND we got Two more confirmed Cities. Los Angels on March 1st and San Francisco on th 5th!! Tomorrow is my solo lecture at SAM assembly 3 in chicago and then off to Moline the next day at assembly 11 for our double lecture!!! St Louis is on the 3rd of February at TheShow off Shop!! There's talk about Indiana but we aren’t sure who would come to that one… Would you? Truly having the best time on this trip. I won’t lie I'm a bit homesick and I'm definitely missing a certain someone but the experience is like nothing before and my copilot has got my creative brain going to ELEVEN!!! Can't wait to see you all!! 

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