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Better late than never🤷‍♂️

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Loving the road!!! Although we may be going a bit stir crazy 😜sorry I'm a bit behind on updates, we have been going nonstop. Hope you are all doing well. Chicago was epic to say the least. Managed to finish and keep the bottle of Thomas Handy Rye over dinner and drinks at the after party of my lecture.

The very next day we were off to Moline Illinois which was super fun. Such great clubs with so many people playing with bubbles and magic.

Not time to rest though. We were off to St. Louis to stay with my old roommate Lena (Who is the like the best ever person ) she treated us to the city museum and a wonderful place called small batch ( second bottle of Thomas Handy acquired)

we were welcomed into Josh and Gingers magic shop/party space to teach. The show off shop was outrageous!

And then we got to close out the Cheesecake Factory 😜So many good friends and good times and I even picked up a gig at 1764 public house for the puppy bowl. The story behind that was, I went to the Gamlin whisky house with Silly Jilly and Randall a.k.a. nerdy. And after chatting up the bartender we met the bar manager of both place and he invited me on the spot to come in for the puppy bowl. Which was sponsored by....wait for it... Four Roses bourbon!!! Single barrel old fashions for John Reid.

Unfortunately Carisa had to fly out to Hollywood to work on a personal project so she missed that fun but she would meet up a few days later for more adventure!!! I will catch you folks up on some more soon.

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