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Only a few cities behind!!!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Indianapolis was next. I stopped off at Brian and Christina Getz balloon studio where everyone got share a little "something " they made for dessert,and was joined by about a dozen folks to take my bits and pieces lecture as well as my commercial cartoons class. I even got to meet up with my old assistant Mel!! She moved back to Indiana a little over a year ago but stopped by the class to see the new stuff :) 

Next up was Louisville Kentucky. I made a pitstop in Lexington first to try a restaurant called Bourbon on main for a shot of some rare Kentucky owl, As well as tried out a really funky cheeseburger with peanut butter on it 😳

My day of lead me to stop into the Buffalo trace distillery. The oldest continuously operating whiskey distillery in the country. I may or may not have taken Two tours 😬 I made some amazing friends and managed to have a sample or two. ( even got to watch them bottle some of the pappy van winkle)

The next morning I was back to the airport to pick up my partner in crime Carisa, and prep for our lecture for the Louisville Magic club. Holy cow! These people came out in full force I I even got to put a certain someone INSIDE a bubble!! We had a great time teaching and sharing with all the folks and then had a late night Waffle House run with our friend Cody Clark.

The next morning before we left we managed to stop off at the Brown hotel to grab a hot brown sandwich and swung by the bullet bourbon distillery. (10 year is Carisa's new favorite)

We shot back to St. Louis for another quick gig at 1764 for their Sunday brunch and then an afternoon off. I strolled through the streets when I was drawn to a window with a sign that said over 500 whiskeys. I popped in real quick to the BBQ saloon and quickly made friends with the owner Phil. 

Turns out he grew up in Bayside a few doors down from none other than Terri Cook a.k.a. Mamma magic!!! Talk about a small world. We traded stories and I got to try some of his unbelievable barbecue and house made macaroni and cheese. If you ever get down to St. Louis I can't recommend this place highly enough. I made half a dozen new friends and spent close to 7 hours there before heading home for the night. Monday was some well needed rest and business calls. And some lunch with friends. Some of you may have seen my Facebook live video for "Taste Test Tuesday" in which we sampled 13 different flavors of Oreo cookies. Yes. THIRTEEN!!! *PSA I do not recommend this. Remember folks, we are not role models ;-)carisa almost stoped speaking to me😭

It wasn't long before we were headed down the road for Oklahoma City! But the rest of that is a story for another day. See you all soon!! Much love.  

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