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Happy Wednesday!!!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Happy Wednesday! If you’re following this blog and you are in the Magic community. I would highly recommend you heading over to and signing up for my email newsletter there, if you haven’t already. I have some big news coming in the next seven days and that will be the best way to be notified of what’s going on. In case you missed it before,I’m headed to New England tomorrow to share my bits and pieces lecture in Peabody Massachusetts. Seating is very limited and we only have a couple left so if you’re interested please reach out as soon as possible to guarantee your spot. I’d hate to turn people away at the door. In other news last weekend I was at the Stony Brook homecoming game with a crew of amazing Artists making balloons for students,alumni and their families. Working at these pcollege events is one of my favorite things to do and StonyBrook has been a client of mine for almost 17 years. Go Seawolves. After that I packed up my little red van and headed to New Jersey to perform at my friends sons birthday party. Not long after that I was in lower Manhattan making some smiles happen at a wedding. The bride and groom are some of the sweetest folks I’ve met in a long time and their family and friends turned into big children almost immediately they made the experience just as much fun for me as I hope I made it for them. that’s all I can think of for now. Keep your eyes peeled for news coming up!   

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