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Happy November!!!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Hello friends, family, and fellow funny folk! Holy buckets what a week. After getting back from Massachusetts I jumped right into a very full week. New England was glorious but I did miss New York. Tuesday was my birthday and I celebrated in traditional John Reid style, with a whiskey pairing at my favorite Italian restaurant, Elisas in North Bellmore. Chef Paulo and I spent a couple weeks and several tipsy nights trying to figure out the perfect blend of spirits and food ( not to mention a long distance birthday desert all the way from LA from one of my besties Janell)and I think it’s safe to say that everyone was ecstatic. We then hopped in the car and headed into Manhattan to spend a little time with my cousins, the Diddley idols at The Mean Fiddler in time square. And then finished up the evening at on the rocks with Uncle Howie and Josh.

The next day was less than pleasant as I had to go in for oral surgery and have a wisdom tooth taken out. I honestly don’t remember much but according to the dentist I’m very funny LOL.Big shout out and thanks go to AndreaBurns for not only driving me to the surgery but nursing me back to health for the following few days, seriously I don't know how I get so lucky with amazing people in my life. Thursday and Friday were nonstop balloons. Pretty much two 10 hour days of constant twisting with some other amazing artists( seriously too many to name I was heavily medicated from the surgery) followed by a weekend full of gigs... including a surprise one with none other than Archie cobblepot!! that type of schedule went pretty much straight through till today. I finally have a day to breath and catch up.... sort of. Those balloon belts won't restock them selves.

Also on my tour schedule I'll be down at Bob Littles super Sunday on the 10th vending again for the first time In a looooong time and then headed straight to Las Vegas Nevada on the 11th for five days to attend the Discover magic conference. If you don't know about this program... don't worry I'll be talking about it a lot more on my trip. next up is a trip to Atlanta Georgia again, and then potentially down to Orlando Florida. Debating if I would like to lecture down south, if you’re in the Atlanta area or within a 4 Hour drive or Orlando Florida, let me know if you think you could get 8 to 10 people together for an evening with John Reid :-)

Anyway time to start packing for the rest of this week’s jobs. Once again I want to thank everyone for all the birthday wishes and anyone who got to participate in my giant birthday sale, thanks so much for supporting American made products :-) until next time I encourage you to go out and lead a very Charmed life of your own! talk to you soon!!!

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