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Guess Who's Back?!

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Tomato Box

Well hello friends family and fellow funny folk!! I hope your holiday season is off to a fantastic start. Mine certainly is. In the past few weeks I have been to Vegas ,Utah Atlanta,Orlando to see friends and chosen family at the tiny house festival with Andrea Burns and her tiny house on wheels that she built( yes she built with her own two hands) Tomato Box!! The house has such amazing charms and a wonderful story, you should go check it out ! I also got to hang with a bunch of friends and a young family member who I of course taught valuable life lessons too ;)

Thats me !
Edgar Calderon my pilot for the day

After a fantastic time down south I headed back to New York and got to march in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade as a balloon handler for my third year in a row. This year we changed things up and I was on the Pillsbury dough boy with my trusted pilot Edgar Calderon! I’m not gonna lie, it’s a lot of hard work and I have to be up at a ridiculous hour to make it all happen, but there’s something Super magical about walking the parade that I watched growing up as a kid for so many years. I finished everything off with a trip down to New Jersey to visit my Granny and the rest of my family where I stuffed myself silly with the most amazing food cooked by my little cousin Emily. She’s currently finishing off culinary school and let me tell you,If I had anything to say about it, she would pass with flying colors! The holiday season is always pretty hectic for me but this year I plan on staying planted mostly in the New York area for the next couple of weeks. Hopefully my work schedule will allow a few hang outs. If you or anyone you know is planning a holiday event and you’d like to hang with the mustache please let me know! I would love to be part of the festivities. hope to hear from you all very soon.

Happy Holidays
My biggest cheerleader :)

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