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Hey there, friends, family, and fellow funny folk! I've been on the move (again! shocking!) and my recent travel took me to Los Angeles, California!

I had the absolute privilege to perform at the weekend brunch shows at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. We had seven shows, and they were so much fun! What made this castle lineup extra special was that it was the third ever Tannen's Week. Every performer was either a camper, alumni, or counselor from Tannen's Magic Camp! If you know me at all, you know that camp is my family... it was like a big old reunion in a castle!

Another thing that made my heart smile was when I got to bring along my goddaughter, Abi. She was pulling the strings behind the scenes with my tech queues and assisting in general. She drove in from Flagstaff to help me out! See the photos attached!

I was so glad to see so many people come to hang out for this short weekend in LA, so thank you to everyone who made a little time for mustache! Can't wait for next time!

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