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In case you missed it...

I have been working on some new Virtual programs for kids. I have put together multiple Magic classes, courses and one off programs. it's been truly rewarding and a ton of work exercising the creative muscles that were in desperate need of a workout. Which brings me to my latest project!! the Magic Adventure Camp!!! I'm getting ready to run a Beta test program in a little over a week and I'm looking for candidates.

here are the details

-one week ( five days) long...

-65-90 minutes a day...

-starts at 11 AM (looking to do the first run July 20th-24th)

-only 15 kids per class(for now)

-30% magic

-30% games

-30% crafternoon

-10% show and tell

-scavenger hunt before class to get the kids physically moving and active

-non screen activity for after the virtual session

- kit mailed to your door

The retail price is going to be around 175$ for now, for the week and kit ,including the shipping. My question for you... are you interested... and if not, what is it missing? I can't make any promises but If enough parents suggest something I will try to be more accomodating.feel free to PM me thoughts if you don't want to be public about it.

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