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Secret Stache of Gift Ideas

Hey there friends, family and fellow funny folk!

I'm sure the deals are flooding in for the holiday season, and it can get overwhelming to try to figure out what to get your loved ones. I might have the perfect solution for you!

I keep this Secret Stache (get it? like mustache?) of gifts in my shopping cart on my website. They've got unique and funny gift ideas for your friends and family! There's goofy T-Shirts, Mugs, Phone Cases and More!

Obviously, you've got to get someone Something (if you know, you know) but have you considered Something to write in? Something to protect your phone?

Don't worry... there's stuff on there that isn't JUST terrible puns.

Ok. It's mostly terrible puns. But we all know someone who'd dig that!

Alright, if you've made it this far, it's incentive time! If you use code STACHE at checkout, I'll give you an extra 20% off EVERYTHING in my shop from tomorrow, Cyber Monday, until Sunday, December 3rd!

Set your alarms! Happy Shopping!

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